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We, are India’s leading Business Brokerage Firm. Be it a small café or a hospitality group, early-stage tech start-up or a large software company, a dental clinic or a chain of diagnostic centers, a small coaching class or a large school group; we assist sellers in the entire process right from estimating the value of the business to finding buyers with or without disclosing their identity 

We aim to continuously improve our performance in order to exceed our clients’ expectations and present your business to the right audience, in the best possible light.

At no stage of the deal, you will find yourself alone. You will be assigned a professional to help you answer all the difficult questions during the deal. 

We believe that selling/buying a business is more about understanding the business, We build strong client relationships with transparent dealings and believe that the trust our clients place on us is paramount. 

The upfront payment which is minimal is used to cover costs for marketing the business and to ensure the seriousness of seller/buyer/investor 

Business Identification

Deciding the business activity by considering important aspects such as name & place, type of entity & business activity, necessary training & experience, target audience, support members, mission statement, etc. 

Competition Study

Analyzing the current and the potential competition, studying the strengths and weaknesses of the similar products/services. Also studying competitors on various parameters such as market trends, pricing structure, etc. 

Defining Products/Services

Deciding or identifying the product/service in line with the business activity, writing its full description and highlighting its benefits and needs along with its pricing structure. 

Capital Expenditure 

Capital expenditure is an amount used to acquire assets required to set up a business, for example; machinery, equipment, furniture, start-up cost. It also includes ongoing expenses like electricity, repair and maintenance, office expenses, etc. 

Sales Estimate

Assessing the sales of each product/service will help estimating the annual sales. Sales can be estimated considering factors such as seasonal trends, bulk orders, change in demands of products/services, festive sales, etc. 

Need and Sources of Funds

Funds are required to start, manage and grow the business. Businesses need to finalize a funding requirement and then look for funding sources such as banks, NBFC’s, government schemes, subsidies, etc. 


Business Valuation Service

Pricing a business is more of an art than science. Sellers that happen to look at the big picture like the deal structure and pricing, are usually more successful in selling their business. One of the reasons, business valuation is such a complicated issue is because there is no standard methodology available to value small businesses for sale. 
 The actual value of your business is the amount someone is willing to pay for it in the business-for-sale marketplace. Personal feelings about your company's worth are far less important than accurate documentation and other factors that could potentially influence value. It is important for sellers to recognize that the principal reason buyers purchase is for a Return on Investment (ROI).  All buyers are ultimately seeking to profit from their purchase by getting a suitable ROI so it is very critical for a seller to have a successful exit plan thought out from the point of view of the buyer.

A Business Plan is a roadmap, or a guide for your business.

A lot of the times when companies try to formulate Business Plans by themselves they tend to miss out on the details which can cost them important opportunities. That is when HIRE CA enters into the picture. We carry out all the necessary procedures and research necessary to create a comprehensive Business Plan
Business Plan can be prepared when you are planning to start a business, so as to understand the ‘Viability’ and ‘Feasibility’ of the proposed business idea. Also, for existing businesses  when the entrepreneur is planning to expand the business or while introducing a new line of service or product or while opening a new branch etc.

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 " Our team comprises of young professionals and highly experienced individuals from diverse fields-lawyers, CAs, CFAs, Investment bankers,and valuation experts. " 

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Hire CA is the premier platform in India focused on venture investing, actively building the understanding of venture investing as an asset class and creating platforms where both founders and investors can learn, invest and grow.

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